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This section of the website will be updated throughout the project to provide users with an approximate two-week preview of upcoming construction and changes to the way in which drivers experience moving through the project area. Unforeseen emergencies or weather events may have an impact on the schedule.  A general timeline of the project is also provided to give users a sense of how the job will unfold between now and 2016.

A project hotline (617-504-2924) is available for members of the community with an immediate question or concern about a specific construction activity at the Fore River site. This telephone number is staffed whenever construction activities are in progress.  

Third Shift Status

The project is currently running on a normal, two shift schedule. To receive advance notice regarding additional shifts, please sign up for project emails.

Construction Underway

As of the week on March 27th, progress continues across the Fore River Bridge site.

Over the next several weeks, operations at the Fore River site will focus on the following areas:

  • At the Quincy Tower: installation of conduit, fixtures, and wiring, placement of closed circuit TV cameras, weather proofing, as well as testing and adjustment for the elevator.
  • Along the Quincy approach span: installation of overhang brackets, soffit, and edge forms, followed by installation of bridge rail.
  • Along the Quincy approach roadway: preparatory steps for curb and roadway work at the intersection of Washington Street (Route 3A) and Cleverly Court.
  • At the Weymouth Tower: installation of stairway, elevator platform, fire detection and suppression equipment, machine room lighting conduit, as well as testing and adjustment for the elevator.
  • Along the Weymouth approach span: preparatory steps for curb and roadway work at the intersection of Bridge Street (Route 3A) and Evans Street.
  • Between the towers, work is also underway on the lift span which continues through phase two testing. Other elements of work on this part of the bridge include installation of bridge rail and stripping the roadway soffit.

Lubrication and maintenance of the temporary bridge during off-peak hours will be ongoing as needed and appropriate.

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The photograph at right shows the current view of the Weymouth Tower. In contrast with the February image, the bridge's lifting span is in the raised position as part of ongoing phase two testing.


Weymouth Tower 3-28-17


This image shows the view from the Weymouth side of the bridge looking back towards Quincy. With the lifting span in the raised position, the outboard dolphins and parts of the fender system can be seen in the Fore River channel.


Quincy Tower 3-28-17


In addition to the information provided on this page, the project team has provided a 3-week schedule for the period from March 22nd to April 14th.Users are reminded that this schedule is meant to be a flexible planning document and is subject to change based on: job site conditions, delivery schedules, ongoing design efforts, and conditions beyond the control of the project team such as extreme weather.

As the job continues, and larger permanent bridge components continue arriving at the site, the project team has and will continue to take advantage of deliveries by water and rail to help minimize neighborhood and traffic impacts.  However, some materials are arriving at the work site on trucks.  These vehicles will travel via Route 3, and depending on the time of day Howard Street, East Howard Street, and South Street or Union Street, Quincy Avenue and East Howard Street to Route 3A. This is the only anticipated traffic impact associated with this phase of construction.  If you believe that you have seen an off-route truck, please call the project hotline at 617-504-2924. We ask that you have the truck's license number so that we may identify if it is associated with this job. Parking for workers is provided at 40 Cleverly Court, in the Fore River Shipyard, or elsewhere within the MassDOT right-of-way. As such, worker parking will not impact public streets during the project.

Motorists are reminded that partial closures of the temporary bridge associated with the structure's maintenance will continue throughout the construction period, but are independent of the construction process.

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