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Friday, April 23, 2021

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There are also many more elements of the setting that symbolize something in the story. The setting goes right along with what the narrator is feeling, while also giving input into a bigger picture. At the beginning of the story, the narrator hints at an eerie feeling as she talks about the possibility of the house being haunted. She mentions the bedstead that is nailed onto the ground and the canvas mattress that is on it. This shows the expression of imprisonment and the remotion that she is controlled from. The author also conveys the patterns on the wallpaper to describe the nursery room.

Theme Of Insanity In The Yellow Wallpaper

Theme Of Mental Illness In The Yellow Wallpaper - Words

When a woman being treated for hysteria by her domineering spouse is forced to stay in a room with maddening yellow wallpaper, she is eventually driven insane, imagining a woman is trapped inside the pattern. She herself is trapped in a world where women are not taken seriously and are dismissed as hysterical. The unique point of view allows readers to see not only the internal feelings of a woman essentially imprisoned, but also the implications of writing such a diary and the moments when the woman is holding back or being held back. It must be admitted that there is a problem with having a first person narrator in a work of fiction. And by the end of the story when the narrator believes there is a woman inside the wallpaper, the reader knows she is not speaking from an objective point of view.

The Yellow Wallpaper Interpretive Essay

Sitting for hours upon hours staring at wallpaper can make one feel like they are distant from the real world or just plain crazy. The nameless wife, who is also the narrator, name is diagnosed with temporary nervous depression. John, her husband, thinks that the isolation of his wife in this room all day is the best remedy for her to heal from her depression.
It focuses on several differences in the connection among John and his significant other. The story shows the physical and the declined mindset of women due to medically prescribed treatment of being allowed to do nothing. Gilman created this fictional narrative based on […]. Gilman was determined to have unembellished instance of wretchedness after the introduction of her little girl.


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