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Saturday, April 24, 2021

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Several studies based on a variety of genetic markers have attempted to establish the origins of horse domestication. Thus far a discrepancy between the results of mitochondrial DNA analysis, which show high levels of diversity, and results from the Y-chromosome, with almost no genetic variability, has been identified. Most previous work on the horse Y-chromosome has focused on widespread, popular breeds or local Asian breeds. It is possible that these breeds represent a reduced set of the genetic variation present in the species.

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This release is available in Spanish. Concretely, he opted for numerous microsatellites a type of DNA sequence and certain SNPs a kind of variation in the DNA sequence that can act as biomarkers for characterising genetic structures. With these panels as a base tool, Mr Rendo undertook his doctoral thesis, analysing the genetic population of these local breeds. Moreover, he was particularly interested in breeds in danger of extinction, which is why he studied the efficacy of some of the conservation plans carried out to date, and has put forward proposals for future programmes. The work is entitled Genetic and forensic populations in ovine, bovine and equine breeds in the Basque Country Autonomous Community and Navarre. Mr Rendo emphasised the great intrapopulational genetic variability found amongst these breeds under study. The great diversity within the ovine, bovine and equine breeds studied is due to the handling used in the western Pyrenean zone.


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Our ability to map and sequence whole genomes is one of the most important developments in biological science. It will provide us with an unprecedented insight into the genetic background of phenotypic traits, such as disease resistance, reproduction and growth and also makes it feasible to study the processes of genome evolution. The main focus of this thesis has been to develop a linkage map of the horse Equus caballus genome.


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