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Sunday, April 25, 2021

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Skip to main content. Some people think that some types of criminals should not go to prison. Instead they should do unpaid work in the community. To what extent do you agree? Owing to the great variety of crimes that can be punishable by prison, some people argue that not all criminals are the same and it would therefore be more appropriate to give certain criminals community service instead. I agree that in some cases, prison may not be the best solution and community service would probably have more benefits.

Opinion essay sobre Internet

Cómo escribir un Opinion Essay - ensayo de opinión en inglés - Como Aprender Inglés Bien

Skip to main content. Information will soon be so easy to find on the internet that people will not need to remember anything. Do you agree? Nowadays all the information we could ever need is available online and some people say that means the end of having to learn anything. It is true that these days everything you want to know is a few clicks away as long as you have internet access. However, not everyone has working internet all the time, for example in certain buildings or remote locations, so we do need to be able to remember information. Moreover, it takes time to look up everything you need to know online, whereas remembering something is immediate.

Opinion essay sobre el cambio climático

Lo primero que debes hacer es escribirte un par de listas con esas ventajas y esos inconvenientes que vas a resaltar. Trata que las dos argumentaciones sean equilibradas en cuanto a su contenido. Antes de lanzarte a escribir hazte un borrador. Puedes usar alguna de estas frases introductorias:.
A new coat of paint: the language of decorating. Definiciones Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Elija un diccionario. Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English.


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